If you liked "Free Solo"...

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If you liked "Free Solo"...

Post by johno »

...you'll like "The Dawn Wall." In a way, a prequel to Free Solo, featuring Tommy Caldwell, one of Alex Honnold's climbing mentors.

It shows the insane dedication & faith of these Big Wall climbers. Beautifully photographed & produced.
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Re: If you liked "Free Solo"...

Post by Bram »

Loved that movie, Tommy Caldwell has a great story
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Re: If you liked "Free Solo"...

Post by snafubar »

Those were great movies that set me on a climbing movie kick. Valley uprising was interesting and entertaining about camp life in Yosemite during 70s-90s kind of hippie like existence. Also WideBoys is about two guys climbing off width cracks, sounds gay, but a fringe type of climbing I didn’t know about. All told a few hours well spent.

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